Animation on card. I rendered out the animation as an ‘alpha +RGB’ version which meant that it rendered out transparent. I then attached them to the card using the motion tracking i’d done previously. 

Sound effects: 
Walking noise 
Mistake noise ‘Huh?’ 
Running noise
Wind sound for the bin bag floating 
'End' boing out the hair 

Jennings Sounds: 
Bounce sound when kid comes in 
Door squeak when the kid bends to the left 
Bubble popping 
Slide whistle when batman dies
Rocks when the grave stone pops up 
Bicycle click when the ‘life cycle’ spins 
Thud when fist drops
'boing' sound when batman and robin scale up

I added the title sequence and sound to Alex’s video. 
Sounds added: 
Night time - evening sounds - crickets etc 
Morning - birds singing morning sound
Bushes - rustling sound with leaves 
Road crossing - beeping sound 

Sound added to Ellis animation : 
Monkey sound 
Parrot ‘hello’ 
Gulping sound for the drinks
Sniffling sound from granddad

i’ve added sound, it look so much better! I added a popping sound to the weird and a squashing sound to the bizarre letters. The sound has been created by someone squashing a pumpkin and then the dripping/squelchy sound was created by someone moving their hands through the pumpkin middle, this really suits the dripping goo and adds to the weirdness of the title sequence.

I made the bizzare letters drip goo. I really like this effect and don’t think it needs much else, just sound! I’m going to do that bit now 

I tried this quiver effect on the ‘weird’ to make it look like it was struggling to hold the letters but it didn’t work and I can’t align the quiver effect with the rest of the letters so it does it in time together. 

I tried duplicating the letters and offsetting the timing, I do like it but i don’t think it suits this title sequence, still playing around! 

I’ve changed it slightly so it rotates in from the right but it still doesn’t look right so i’m going to keep playing around with it